We are an online paper doll manufacturer. We specialize in making paper dolls of your favorite celebrities, artists, and other prominent figures. We have been in the business for more than ten years. From Hollywood stars to local talent, we are able to create them all. Because of our years in the business, we have continuously reinvented and recreated materials in order to produce quality paper dolls for you. If you are just new website visitor of our mobile traffic for website reviews, you will know that you can depend on us to make your requested paper dolls quickly, on time, and with high quality.

What we do

We use durable materials to make our paper dolls. Our loyal customers can attest to the fact that our products are made to last. Tech blogs and popular article reviews have been published about our designs and portfolio and have grown traffic that were not limited to these niche. They have nice and accurate drawings, perfectly mixed colors, and precision-cut materials. You have two options when you order paper dolls from us. You can either purchase our pre-made paper dolls of prominent figures. You can buy them using voucher codes or promo codes.

If you prefer a customized paper doll, you can send us a picture of the person that you want to create a paper doll with and we will handle the rest. We will show you a sample of our design before we build the final product.